Special Event Safe Food Handling Practices

Permit Requirements

Recognized student groups or campus units must submit a permit application before providing food at an event open to the general PUBLIC (or campus community).  The group or unit assumes responsibility for the proper preparation, transportation, display, and disposal of the food products as outlined below.  If the group employs a licensed caterer to prepare the food, the group assumes the responsibility of being a sponsor and obtaining the necessary application information.

When is a permit required?

A permit is not required for a PRIVATE event attended only by group members or invited guests.  If you are uncertain as to whether your event is public or private, please call Environment, Health & Safety at (510) 642-3073 for clarification.  If the sponsor of an event is found to be distributing food to the general public without a permit, EH&S will terminate the activity and the operator responsible may be subject to disciplinary action or denied future permits.

The safe food handling practices listed below are intended to reduce the risk of food contamination and foodborne illness.  The greatest risk occurs when unpackaged perishable foods are prepared and served.  Using prepackaged non-perishable foods decreases the risk.  Anyone working at the event must understand and follow these practices.

Safe Food Handling

Preparing for Special Events

In preparation for your special event, please read the safe food handling practices listed below. These practices will help to prevent food contamination and foodborne illness.