8. Record Keeping

The Radiation Safety Information System (RSIS) is an online application that houses information about authorized radioactive material and radiation use on the campus.

8.1. RUA Holder — Maintained Records

RH’s and authorized users have access to RSIS to review your RUA, make amendment requests, request approval of purchase requests, order radioactive waste pick-ups, and to maintain your inventory.

RHs must maintain self-survey records related to the uses of radiation specified in their RUAs. These records must be available for review by EH&S and state inspectors. At RUA termination, the RST may request that these records be given to them for archiving.

Laboratory-maintained records include the following:

  • A copy of the current RUA
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) associated with this RUA.
  • Copies of RUA self-surveys and any corrective actions taken.
  • Documentation of RUA specific training including training given to ancillary personnel.
  • Records of radioactive waste characterization.