Special Event Food Permit Changes


Catering Restrictions for Special Event food Permits

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Under the direction of the University of California, Office of the President (UCOP), and the UC Berkeley Office of People & Culture, as informed by state law (SB820, Item 15, paragraph 2), any catered event at state-funded campus buildings and their associated outdoor grounds, must use the services of either Cal Dining or International House, which employ persons with University of California Service Unit (SX) job classifications. 

Impacted buildings include the following:

  • Berkeley Way West 
  • Giannini Hall 
  • Hearst Memorial Gym
  • South Hall
  • Wurster Hall
  • Wheeler Hall 
  • Centennial Bridge 
  • Etcheverry Hall
  • Evans Hall / Academic Seismic Replacement Building 
  • Latimer Hall
  • Moffitt Library 
  • Stephens Hall
  • Tan Hall
  • VLSB
  • Weill Hall
  • Barker Hall
  • Birge Hall
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Cheit Hall (at the Haas School of Business)
  • Doe Library
  • Dwinelle Hall
  • HazMat Facility
  • Hilgard Hall
  • McCone Hall
  • Moffitt Library
  • Mulford Hall
  • Northwest Animal Facility
  • Sutardja Dai Hall


The Office of Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S), in its role as reviewer/approver of food permits for special events, must determine if a submitted application is subject to this rule.  If EH&S determines that an event application includes catered food service in a state-funded building, or on the outdoor grounds of a state-funded building, EH&S will ensure that either Cal Dining or International House is listed as the Food Provider.  If not, the application will be denied and returned to the applicant with a comment that the food provider must be one of these two campus service providers.

Events at locations not included in the list of state-funded buildings are not affected and may select the Food Provider of their choice. 


UCOP and Cal Dining are working together to define what constitutes a catered event.  Additional information will be provided when available.  Meanwhile, catering may be considered to include an event at which food is served on equipment controlled by a catering company, e.g. tables, chairs, chafing dishes, coffee carafes, salad bars, etc. A catered event may also include the use of catering kitchens on campus.

An event is not considered a catered event if the food is brought by members of student organizations or departments who purchased it directly from a food facility.

Please contact ehs@berkeley.edu if you have any questions about what catering restrictions apply for your event.

Office of Environment, Health & Safety
Publication date: 
September 28, 2021
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