Reuse and Disposal of Face Covers

January 14, 2022

Reuse & Disposal of Face Coverings

To manage supply and reduce waste, face covers including N95s may be reused for multiple days in most settings on campus. Remove your face cover carefully by holding the straps without touching the inside or outside surfaces of the mask. Keep track of your face covers so you don't mistakenly use someone else's. Consider storing them in a small paper bag or other clean, dry location when not in use. Protect them from damage, contamination, extreme temperatures, damaging chemicals, and crushing or deforming the facepiece. For some job roles, a daily change of face cover is appropriate.

Please discuss concerns and frequency of change with your supervisor or contact EH&S with questions at

Face covers should be discarded in the trash if it:

  • becomes damaged or deformed
  • no longer forms an effective seal to the face
  • becomes wet or visibly dirty
  • breathing becomes difficult