How do I view lab rooms and add rooms to a lab?

Any member of the lab may view the list of rooms occupied by their lab and add rooms to that list. Go to Labs @ Berkeley, and log in with your CalNet credentials. The lab roster for your lab will appear. If you’re in more than one lab, you may see a pull-down list.

1. After logging into L@B, click on the “Rooms” tab in the upper left corner.


2. A list of the rooms currently in your lab will appear. If any rooms are missing, click the “Add New Lab Room” button below this list.


3. A small window will pop up. Use the pull-down list to select the building of the room you wish to add.


4. A second pull-down list will appear. Use it to select the room number that you wish to add.


5. Once you have chosen the building and room number you wish to add, click the “Save” button.


6. The new room is now added to your list of lab rooms.