How do I designate roles in my lab roster?

Any member of a the lab may update the roles of other members who are currently listed in the roster. See below for more information about the roles listed in L@B.

  1. After logging into L@B, locate the name of the member whose role(s) you wish to update. Click on the icon in the 'Role' column.
    role column w shadow.jpg

  2. Check or uncheck the box next to each role as appropriate.
    edit role w shadow.jpg

  3. Click the ‘Done’ button at the bottom of the list.
    role done w shadow.jpg

  4. Click the button at the top of the page labeled ‘Click here if lab roster is current’.

    current button w shadow.jpg

Roles in L@B

There are several key roles that are tracked by EH&S using the roster in Labs@Berkeley (L@B). They are used to generate lists for lab safety emails, to include people in automated training notifications, and for reference in case of an emergency or incident. The roles described below can be updated by anyone who is currently listed in a lab’s roster.

General Lab Safety Roles in L@B

No Benchwork

Researchers who work in a laboratory where hazardous materials are present, but who do not perform any benchwork themselves, should be marked as ‘No Benchwork’. This includes those who perform computational work in the same space where others perform wet lab work, as well as those who, for example, only wash glassware.

Those marked as ‘No Benchwork’ are not required to take EHS 101: UC Fundamentals of Lab Safety, though they may be required to take alternative safety training.

Emergency Contact

The person marked as ‘Emergency Contact’ for a lab should be available after hours for contact by first responders (police, paramedics, firefighters) in the event of a break-in, injury, or other incident.

Lab Safety Coordinator

The lab safety coordinator (LSC) is typically selected by a lab’s principal investigator, and serves a critical role with regards to lab safety. In many cases, the LSC is also the lab manager, though not always. LSCs serve as delegates for the principal investigator for many safety programs and applications including Lab Hazard Assessment Tool (LHAT) and Safety Inspection Tool (SIT).

  • Anyone marked as an LSC in L@B is automatically marked with the ‘delegate’ role in LHAT.

  • The LSC serves as the primary contact for EH&S regarding lab safety, and is included in safety emails and scheduling safety inspections. A lab can have more than one LSC.

Contact EH&S lab safety program staff at with questions regarding these roles, and any other lab safety issues.

Biosafety Roles in L@B


All faculty and researchers who are listed on a biological use authorization for the lab should be marked in the roster as ‘On BUA’. Those who are marked as ‘On BUA’ will also receive automated emails to remind them when their biosafety training is approaching, or has reached, expiration.

Works with Bloodborne Pathogens

All faculty and researchers who work with human blood, human cells, or human cell lines should be marked in the roster as ‘Works with Bloodborne Pathogens’.

See the biosafety page, or contact EH&S biosafety program staff at for more information about BUAs and work with biological hazards.