How do I add a member to a lab roster?

Any member of the lab may add another member to the roster at any time. Go to Labs@Berkeley, and log in with your CalNet credentials. The roster for your lab will appear. If you're in more than one lab, you may see a pull-down list.

  1. After logging into L@B, click on the button labeled ‘Add new members’.
    button.add a new member copy.jpg
  2. A small window will pop up. Enter the name of the person you wish to add (last name, first name) to search for that person’s CalNet record.
  3. When their name appears, click the icon next to it with a ‘+’ symbol.

    NOTE: If the search results show ‘No CalNet Directory entries matched your search query’, then the person has not been added to CalNet. The human resources representative for your department will need to put in a request to have the lab member added to CalNet before they can be added to the lab roster.

  4. Another window will appear, and ask you to confirm that you are adding that person to the lab roster. Click ‘OK’.
  5. The new member is now added to the lab roster. You may now designate the new member with their safety roles, if appropriate (LSC, emergency contact, etc.).
  6. Click the button at the top of the page labeled ‘Click here if lab roster is current’.
    current button w shadow.jpg