How do I create a Field Safety Plan?

Fill out the EH&S Field Safety Plan Template. You should attach related documents as appropriate.


Note: It is recommended that you start this process early in the planning stages of your field work to allow time to gather information, identify controls needed, and document training. Sections include:

  • Site location and description
  • Emergency services at the site
  • Modes of travel and site access
  • First aid considerations
  • Travel preparations
  • Participants and contact information

The Worldcue Trip Planner can help provide many location-specific details, e.g. endemic disease risks, local hospitals, and security alerts. When trips are registered at UC Away, travelers receive an email from Worldcue that provides a direct link to a personalized trip brief. Alternatively, you may access the Worldcue Trip Planner directly and use the ‘Location Intel’ tab to create a ‘Trip Brief’ or a ‘Security Brief.’