Department Safety Coordinators

Department Safety Coordinators (DSCs) are a vital part of the campus safety structure, coordinating, implementing, and documenting safety practices in departments across campus.

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Getting Started

If you are a new Department Safety Coordinator, please fill out the following form,  contact Environment, Health & Safety, or call (510-642-3073) to let us know. Give us your name, title, mailing address and the department or departments you work in and represent.

DSC Responsibilities

DSCs take part in department management by coordinating, implementing, and documenting the department’s safety program. Specific duties include:

For more information on DSC duties and other campus safety issues, download the Suggested Job Duties for Department Safety Coordinators Fact Sheet or contact EH&S (

How Do I:

Report an accident?

Contact EH&S at 510-642-3073 (off-hours 510-642-3333) to report an accident such as a workplace injury or hazardous material spill/exposure. If there is a life-threatening emergency, please call 911.

Make sure that any accidents or dangerous incidents are reported to your home unit.

EH&S must be notified immediately if any of the following occurs: worker fatality, inpatient hospitalization, loss of any body part (e.g., fingertip), or possible permanent disfigurement.

Find out what trainings people need?

All employees are required to take Workplace Health and Safety Program training. Use this link to take the training at the UC Learning Center:

Workplace Health and Safety Program Awareness Training

  1. Take the Workplace Health and Safety Program Awareness Training.

  2. Visit the Required Safety and Compliance Training for Researchers website to learn about required training for your job functions. 

  3. Additional training for work in specific facilities, departments, and/or unique job tasks may also be required. Work with your supervisor to identify other training needs.

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