How do I dispose of biological waste?

Examples of biohazardous/medical waste include human and animal parts, human and primate cell lines, biosafety level II or level III agents/contaminated wastes, and waste produced during vaccine research. Please read the Fact Sheets below for more details.

If your lab is in one of the following buildings, you may drop off biohazardous waste in the centralized storage room (contact your building coordinator first):

Genetics and Plant Biology
Hildebrand Hall
Koshland (also serves Barker)
Li Ka Shing
Life Sciences Addition (also serves Valley Life Sciences Building)
Morgan Hall
Northwest Animal Facility (OLAC only)
Stanley Hall

Labs in other buildings use the EH&S hazardous waste program to request a pick-up.

Fact Sheets

Biosafety Level II Biohazardous Waste Management (PDF)

Sharps Handling and Disposal (PDF)

Safe and Effective Use of Autoclaves (Update in Progress)