Environmental Protection

Helping to protect and enhance the campus environment and providing permit and compliance management services.

Portable Generator Sets / Equipment

For more information about purchasing, permitting, particulate filters and other issues:
Contact Miranda Monge at EH&S (mirandam17@berkeley.edu).

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Boilers - Air Quality

For more information about purchasing, permitting, registration and other issues:
Contact Miranda Monge at EH&S (mirandam17@berkeley.edu).

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Air Quality & Pollution

The EH&S Air Quality program assists the campus in air pollution prevention and provides compliance assistance on environmental regulations. If you would like more information on campus air emissions or need assistance services below, please contact Miranda Monge.

Investigation and response to outdoor air complaints Facilitate the collection of outdoor air quality parameters Facilitate the assessment of air toxic risk to the community...

Environmental Permits & Management Plans

Below are all of the environmental permits and management plans for the University of California, Berkeley. If you would like to apply for a permit, please see: Apply for an Environmental Permit

Environmental permits may be needed for your construction, renovation, demolition, or decommissioning project if it will have land, air, water, or human impacts. Some activities will require:

Filing a permit Paying fees to a regulatory agency Self-monitoring Standard or best practices

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Miranda Monge

Environmental Specialist
Environmental Protection
Environmental Permits
Outdoor Air Quality

Waste Disposal

The Office of Environment, Health & Safety maintains a Hazardous Waste Program (HWP) to develop hazard waste disposal procedures, provide orientation to campus personnel, monitor departmental hazardous waste operations, receive departmental waste and dispose of the waste, and evaluate all hazardous waste disposal activities.

Andrew Fletcher

Hazardous Materials Operations Manager
Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Waste
Waste Disposal

Julio Castellanos

Principal Hazardous Materials Technician
Hazardous Materials
Hazardous Waste
Waste Disposal

Hazardous Materials

Helping campus units manage their hazardous materials by providing assistance with shipping, waste pick-up and disposal, and chemical inventory needs.

Permit to Operate - Regatta

Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD)