Construction Safety

Information and guidance for construction contractors work on the UC Berkeley campus. Construction contractors must be aware of their own obligations to comply with local, state and federal regulations as applicable to their work activities onsite.

Construction: Hazardous Waste Satellite Accumulation Area

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

Construction Site Hazardous Waste Satellite Accumulation Area Fact Sheet

EH&S' Facilities/Equipment Decontamination Clearance Certification

Facilities/Equipment Decontamination Clearance Certification

The Principal Investigator (PI)/Supervisor is responsible for the indicated area or items, has assessed this location or equipment and determined that it can be released for reuse with no restrictions. This does not provide clearance for facilities or equipment containing lead paint or asbestos components.

Get construction plans reviewed?

Plans Review

Regardless of cost or scope, all construction projects at UC Berkeley require consultation with the Campus Fire Marshal.

The Campus Fire Marshal’s office requires submittal of 100% construction documents for review and final approval with signature. A project manager may elect to submit any or all of the following drawings in earlier design phases for review and comment:

Preliminary Design Drawings Schematic Design Drawings Design Development Drawings (50%, 90%, etc., as agreed upon with Project Manager) Construction Documents (50%, 90%, etc., as agreed upon with...

Design Drawings Checklists

Design Drawings Checklists - Fire and Life