How to Use Your Survey Meter

  1. Verify that the instrument is in calibration by checking the calibration sticker on the side of your instrument and confirming that the dates reflect a current calibration.
  1. Turn on your meter, as well as the audio and confirm that the batteries are good. Low batteries will give inaccurate readings.
  1. Verify that the probe is responding to radiation by placing the probe by a source of radioactivity such as a check source or your stock solution and confirming that it responds. If it does not respond, contact Radiation Safety for assistance.


In general, you should avoid wrapping the detector probe with a mylar, parafilm, or plastic as this will eliminate (or at least significantly reduce) the instrument’s response to low energy betas particles.

Hand-held survey meters will not detect tritium (H-3) - swipe tests with a Liquid Scintillation Counter are required.
Accurate surveying requires you to survey close to an object and to move slowly.

For information on how to perform a survey click here.