Lab Coat Services - Important Information

May 2, 2024

Need a clean lab coat?

Get it by campus mail or in-person

  • Get your clean coat via campus mail:

    • Fill out the Lab Coat Request Form to request a clean lab coat. 

    • Requested lab coats will be delivered to your assigned mail room 3-7 business days after submitting your request. Look up yourmail code here

    • After receiving your clean coat, empty the pockets of dirty lab coat(s) and submit dirty coat(s) in a clear bag to EH&S with Mail Code 1155

      • Note: Lab coats with biological, radioactive, or chemical contamination must be first evaluated according to the following steps.


  • In-person lab  coat exchange (NEW!): 

    • Make an appointment to come to the PPE Fitting Room (Physics North 156) to trade in your soiled coat for a clean one. 

      • Note: Minimum 24-hr lead time is required to ensure that your coat size is available.

      • Important: Review soiled lab coats steps.

    • What’s the benefit of in-person lab coat exchange? You won’t have to wait for your clean coat to get sent via campus mail!

Reduced lab coat services during summer months

EH&S needs your extra lab coats! Reminder to return lab coats

When researchers leave the lab or the university, many lab coats are left behind and remain unused. This prevents EH&S from reissuing coats to other researchers. To sustain our campus-funded lab coat program, please return any surplus coats.

Thank you for doing your part to help keep lab researchers safe and protected!