NiR Manual - Appendix B Emergency Response Procedure

In the event of an accident involving an NIR source, immediately do the following:

  1. Using caution first shut down the source of the NIR radiation and then lock out/tag out the power supply.
  2. Provide for the safety of personnel (first aid, evacuation, etc.) as needed.

    Note: If an eye injury is suspected, have the injured person keep their head upright and still to restrict any bleeding in the eye. A physician should evaluate eye injuries as soon as possible.

  3. Obtain medical assistance for anyone who may be injured.

    University Health Service (Urgent Medical Care) - 2-3188
    UC Optometry Clinic (Normal Hours) - 2-2020
    UC Optometry Clinic (24 Hour Emergency) - 2-0992
    Ambulance (Emergency) - 9-911

  4. If there is a fire, leave the area, pull the fire alarm, and contact the fire department by calling 9-911. Do not fight the fire unless it is very small and you have been trained in fire fighting techniques.
  5. Inform Radiation Safety as soon as possible.

    During normal working hours, call Radiation Safety - (510) 642-3073

    After normal working hours, call 911 or 2-6760 to contact the UC Police Department (they have an RS emergency call list).

  6. Inform the Principal Investigator (PI) as soon as possible. If there is an injury, the PI must submit a report of injury to Risk Management.
  7. After an accident, do not resume use of the NIR source until released to do so by the Non-Ionizing Radiation Safety Committee (ORS will coordinate accident investigations).