How do I request an occupational health and safety assessment?

EH&S offers environmental and occupational safety (CalOSHA) consultation and project assessments free of charge to campus project managers.  If analytical testing or other services are required by your project that incur a cost to EH&S, a chartstring and EH&S Recharge account will be needed from your project.

Contact the Construction Coordinator at to request a project assessment or inspection.

Typical environmental services and inspections for construction include:

  • Project planning and consultation regarding environmental compliance within building design and equipment selection.
  • Sampling soil or building materials for hazardous materials screening.
  • Disposal of shop and chemical wastes or equipment.
  • Stormwater monitoring.

Cal-OSHA requirements can be met in a variety of ways and should include EH&S’ Safety Engineer.  Safety codes can be vague at times, but may greatly impact how buildings should be designed.  Contact EH&S in advance for assistance in building design to meet Cal-OSHA requirements. 

Most common Cal-OSHA violations and building design issues revolve around: 

  • Ladders and maintenance access
  • Window washing
  • Fall protection
  • Lock-out, Tag-out (Energy Controls)
  • Confined spaces
  • Elevators  

Building work areas that may include some of these elements can be challenging to maintain by the end-user and can be simplified with the right advice.

EH&S can also help you come up with a compliance checklist that is specific to your project needs.