General Lab Safety Inspection Program


2020 Inspection Questions

Fire Extinguisher Inspection Guide

Lab Safety Inspection FAQ

Lab Self-Inspection Checklist



EH&S lab safety specialists inspect labs with hazardous materials or operations. During inspections, lab safety specialists help researchers stay abreast of current safety requirements by providing consultation, support, and resources. Inspection topics for 2020 cover training, chemical safety, equipment safety, fire safety, and COVID-19.

What to Expect

For a closer look at what EH&S will be checking for in labs this year, see the inspection questions. Reviewing the EH&S lab self-inspection checklist is another good way to prepare for inspections. The department safety coordinator for each department or an EH&S lab safety specialist will reach out to each lab to schedule an inspection time. Contact the campus chemical hygiene officer at (510) 643-6381 or with any questions or concerns about the EH&S General Lab Safety Inspection Program.

After the Inspection

EH&S lab safety specialists will follow up with each lab regarding any issues that were noted during the inspection. It is the lab’s responsibility to correct issues, mark them as resolved, and provide proof of corrective action in the inspection report online. Labs have 30 days to resolve any issues, after which outstanding findings will be compiled quarterly and sent to the chair and dean of the appropriate academic unit for their review. The results of the inspections are subject to the UC Policy, Enforcement of Safety Standards in Academic Environments, which provides a procedure to address persistent non-compliance in labs.