Work Related Injuries and Illnesses

This section provides resources and guidance about what you should do when somebody gets hurt at work.

Responding to an injury

  • For serious or life threatening injuries: On campus, call UCPD directly at 911 or (510) 642-3333 from a cell phone and then direct emergency responders to the scene.
  • For small injuries that need immediate care:
    • During regular work hours: direct or take the injured person the Urgent Care Clinic at the Tang Center
    • After hours: direct the injured person to the Alta Bates Medical Center
  • For non-urgent work related injuries: faculty and staff should make an appointment with the Occupational Health Clinic at the Tang Center

Reporting on an Injury

  • All work injuries must be reported to the supervisor.
  • The supervisor must complete an Employer’s Report of Incident form and submit it to Disability Management Services within 24 hours of learning of an injury.
  • The supervisor is responsible for looking into and correcting the causes of the incident, and sharing any lessons learned.
  • Injuries treated at a hospital must be reported to EH&S immediately to ensure that appropriate agencies are notified.