Shop Safety

Policies, procedures, and training materials for any type of shop-work activities.

Radiation Safety

Radiation SafetyRadiation Safety oversees and facilitates the use of radiation sources in research and instruction; helping to ensure safety and regulatory compliance.

Workplace Safety

California state regulations require every employer to establish, implement and maintain an effective Injury & Illness Prevention Program (IIPP). In August 2017, the University adopted a campuswide Workplace Safety Program that serves as the University’s central IIPP for creating a safe and healthful work environment. Having one program for the whole University helps to improve access, consistency, and usability across all departments. EH&S is the responsible department for overseeing the campuswide Workplace Safety Program. The campus Workplace Safety Program is based on the Injury...

Hazard Communication

The EH&S Hazard Communication program seeks to help campus departments fulfill the requirements of Cal/OSHA Section 5194, also known as the "Employee Right-to-Know" law. The law requires employers to provide information on physical and health hazards of the materials employees use or come into contact with as part of their work. There are three basic components of the Hazard Communication standard:

Adequate labeling of all hazardous substances in the workplace Providing information such as Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for each hazardous...

Aerial Lift and Elevating Work Platform Safety Program

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

As mandated by Cal/OSHA and other regulatory compliance codes, this program guides compliance with, and application of, all legal requirements for UC Berkeley departments, field stations and work / research operations that use these types of equipment.

Departments that own, rent and/or otherwise operate Aerial Lifts / Elevating Work Platforms (AL/EWP) must:

Select and then purchase or rent appropriate equipment for job tasks based upon an work-environment and job-task hazard analysis, Train and certify personnel who operate their...

Conducting Shop Safety Self-inspections on a Mobile Device

How to install Inspect For iOS Users For Android Users Navigate to the App Store Search for “RSS Inspect” Select Install Launch the application Select your campus Log in with your CalNet credentials Navigate to the Google Play Store Search for “RSS Inspect” Select Install Launch the application Select your campus Log in with your CalNet credentials


Office of Environment, Health & Safety

Operating a Chainsaw, Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

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