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Policies, procedures, and training materials for any type of shop-work activities.

Shop Safety Newsletter - September 2020

Campus Shop Safety Committee

UC Berkeley Campus Shop Safety Committee Newsletter

Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Library

Job Safety Analysis (JSA)

A JSA describes job tasks in step-by-step fashion, identifies associated hazards at each step, and outlines proper hazard controls that minimize the risk of injury or illness to the individual(s) performing that task.

Campus Laboratory Safety Policies

The University of California, Berkeley is committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for the campus community. Faculty, students, and other personnel in laboratories and other academic settings may work with hazardous materials, equipment, and processes. With regard to safety and environmental protection, this teaching, and research work is governed by state and federal regulations and University policies.

New UC Systemwide Laboratory Safety Policies...

Fact Sheets

Fact Sheets

EH&S Fact Sheets serve as campus-wide Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

Machine Guarding Program

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

The Machine Guarding Program describes various types of physical guards, interlocks and safeguarding methods for facilities and research machinery / equipment. This program can assist you in identifying the hazardous parts of a machine, determining the need for safeguards, and obtaining or fabricating the necessary guards.

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Hot Work Permit

Anyone performing temporary hot work is required to have a valid Hot Work Permit for each day of work.

Eddie Ciprazo

Laser Safety Officer
Laser Safety

Bolt and Brace Your Shop Equipment

October 31, 2002
What Happened?

Someone was using the vice pictured below to hold an item in the process of a normal workday. In the process of performing a task, the vice toppled off the surface onto the person's foot causing a serious injury. The person was not wearing steel-toed boots.

Lessons Learned

Always wear your steel-toed boots when working around heavy machinery and shop equipment. All shop equipment that is designed to be braced to a work surface or floor must be braced. Do not use equipment that could fall or otherwise cause injury if it is not braced according to...

Injury Caused by High Voltage Capacitor Discharge

May 31, 2005
What Happened?

A campus employee working in an electronics shop was repairing a power supply unit. The cooling fan had not been working properly, causing the unit to overheat. The employee replaced the defective cooling fan and then reached into the open top of the power supply unit to check the airflow from the replacement fan. The employee either made contact with a charged capacitor or was close enough (within 1/4") to allow electricity to arc to his hand causing an electric shock that entered his left hand and exited through his right hand.

Immediately after the...