Lessons Learned

Reports on incidents that involve injury, exposure (real or potential), or significant damage property. Lessons Learned detail what happened and how similar incidents can be avoided in the future.

Plastic Secondary Container Shatters Due to Dry Ice Sublimation

Lessons Learned

This incident highlights the importance of using appropriate materials to enclose and transport samples alongside dry ice. To prevent similar incidents, follow the guidelines below:

Utilize insulated materials (such as styrofoam) with loose or vented lids when packing samples with dry ice. Do not force open containers that appear to be overpressurized. Wear proper protective equipment when working inside the laboratory or core facilities.

For additional assistance, contact EH&S at ehs@berkeley.edu...

Fall from Fixed Ladder with Grab Bars Results in Injury and Fine (October 2018)

Lessons Learned

In addition to the lessons described in the What Should Have Been Done Differently section, major takeaways are to guard against complacency and to always consider the Integrated Safety Management (ISM) process, even for routine tasks.

For additional assistance, contact EH&S at ehs@berkeley.edu or (510) 642-3073, Lessons Learned date: 7.2018