Construction Safety

Information and guidance for construction contractors work on the UC Berkeley campus. Construction contractors must be aware of their own obligations to comply with local, state and federal regulations as applicable to their work activities onsite.

Storage Tanks

Any container of oil, fuel, or oil like substances, of 55 gallons or greater including steel and plastic drums, must be made known to EH&S upon receipt on campus.

If you would like more information on campus tank installation, operation, and spill prevention or need assistance with the services below, please contact Tim Pine at (510) 643-8542.


Campus Storage Tank Policy

Amy Chen

Campus Fire Marshal
Fire Prevention
Plan Review
Fire Marshal

Demolition and Disposal

Review the following building demolition and lab decommissioning information. 

Who should I contact for more information?

Please contact David Scrimger by email or phone (510) 642-0359 for more information on demolitions.

How many days in advance should I notify certain parties of the demolition of my structure?

You must notify the BAAQMD at least 10 days prior to the commencement of a demolition.

You must notify EH&S and Facilities at least 30 days/months prior to the commencement of a demolition.

Do I need to conduct a survey prior to demolition?

You are also required to conduct a survey of your structure for building contaminants.  If there is a need for abatement, contact Facilities Services Abatement Shop

If radiation, biohazardous agents or mercury is known to be within the building’s history, do not begin any work or scope development without consulting with EH&S.

Do I need to obtain a permit for a demolition of a structure?

Yes, you are responsible for obtaining various permits and items prior to the demolition of a structure including:

  • A “J” Number from the BAAQMD
  • Utility Clearance (Electric, Water, Sewer, Gas)
  • Water Diversion & Fire Suppression Plans - Campus Fire Marshal
  • EH&S chemical, radiation or biosafety clearance
  • Appropriate fees for permits

Construction: Hazardous Waste Satellite Accumulation Area

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

Construction Site Hazardous Waste Satellite Accumulation Area Fact Sheet

New labs

How do I set up a new lab?

Note: Your department's Department Safety Coordinator (DSC) may have their own practices and guidelines. It is strongly suggested that you contact them for guidance. Not sure who your DSC is? Use the "Who's your DSC?" tool to find out!

Getting Started

1. Email to have your new lab set up in our database.

EH&S' Facilities/Equipment Decontamination Clearance Certification


Facilities/Equipment Decontamination Clearance Certification

The Principal Investigator (PI)/Supervisor is responsible for the indicated area or items, has assessed this location or equipment and determined that it can be released for reuse with no restrictions. This does not provide clearance for facilities or equipment containing lead paint or asbestos components.