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Ensuring the safe and compliant use of chemicals on campus.

Russ Blackmar

Chemical Inventory Specialist
Chemical Safety
Chemical Inventory
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Improper Labeling Causes Injury from Acid Spray

September 30, 2004
What Happened?

A UC Berkeley researcher was preparing a sample for microscopy. After he had cleaned the sample with isopropanol, he poured the extra isopropanol into a container for unwanted chemicals labeled “isopropanol.” There was an immediate chemical reaction that caused the plastic container to rupture and spray the mixture around the area. He was later surprised to learn that the container actually held concentrated nitric acid in the form of spent copper etchant.

The researcher was startled and called for help. Other researchers promptly came to his assistance and called 911...

Chemical Waste Recharge Authorization Form

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

This form authorizes EH&S to recharge the account specified below whenever a department representative signs a Materials Packing List (MPL), or whenever a Hazardous Materials Management Team member completes and signs an MPL for routine bulk material pick-ups (i.e., oil, photographic waste,etc.). To establish your Chemical Waste Disposal Account, complete this form, obtain an authorized signature, and send the form to:

EH&S, Hazardous Materials Management Team, 317 University Hall, MC 1150 ; or fax it to (510) 643-7595; or email to...

Liquid Nitrogen Dispensing and Sample Storage Use

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

Liquid Nitrogen – Dispensing and Sample Storage Use (Cryogenic Liquid)

Chemical Waste Recharge

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

Directions for completion:

Complete all of the information on the form. For additional instructions, double click on the question marks on the PDF. Print one copy to sign and send to EH&S and print one copy to keep for your records. Fax or mail the completed Recharge Authorization Form to the Office of Environment, Health & Safety.

FAX number: 643-7595
Campus Address: EH&S, University Hall, Room 317, MC 1150

Questions about this form or your recharge account?

If you have any questions, please...

Lead Waste

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

Radioactive Adioactive Waste Handling Andling Lead Waste Fact Sheet

How do I get my lab coat cleaned?

Mail-Mail Laundry

Place your soiled coat into a sealed bag. Put the bag into the campus mail bin located in your mailroom. Once it is cleaned, your coat will be mailed directly back to your lab.

Hamper-Hanger Laundry

Place your soiled coat in the hamper at your designated location. Pick up your clean coat on the adjacent hangar the following Thursday.