Biological Use Authorization (BUA) Attachments and Resources

Researchers submitting or amending Biological Use Authorizations (BUAs) will need to describe experimental procedures and assess risks involved in their research. Please review the following information and download the provided resources and attachments to help prepare your BUA application.

Step 1: Experimental Procedures and Risk Assessment

To address general biosafety and standard practices for BSL1, BSL2, and/or ABSL1 work, please download and use the following document:

  • Common Biosafety Practices
    • Provides sample language for BSL1, BSL2, and/or ABSL1 research procedures 
    • Customize the text to fit your own research practices and paste the relevant language into the "Experimental Procedures and Risk Assessment" section of your BUA.

Screenshot of BUA submission process

Step 2: BUA Attachments Required for Specific Biological Agents

  • If your BUA includes the use of biological agents listed below, please complete the appropriate attachment. The attachment will be reviewed as part of the approval process for your BUA.
BUA Attachment Required for:
Recombinant Nucleic Acid Template(s) (Word)
  1. Recombinant nucleic acid experiments involving cells, plants, animals, microorganisms, and viruses.
  2. Transgenic organisms, viruses, or cells grown, used, or stored on campus.
Lentivirus Exposure Control Plan with Assessment Questionnaire - UHS (Word) Lentiviral vector use by labs with access to University Health Services.
Lentivirus Exposure Control Plan with Assessment Questionnaire - Non-UHS (Word) Lentiviral vector use by entities that do not access University Health Services.
  • Upload the file into the “Attachments” section of your BUA

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