How do I update account information?

Note: Authorization is required to make updates.  Click here to find a list of authorized users for your department.

Note: If you do not see your account, try changing the Active field on the right from Yes to No or Blank.

  1. Log into the Services Recharge System ( using your Calnet ID.
  2. Enter current chartstring under Accounts tab in field above the word Chartstring.
  3. Click the search button.
  4. Departments can have more than one account. Select the appropriate Account ID by clicking the account ID number.
  5. Click Edit Account button and you will be able to update the following: Account Name, Account Type, Chartstring, Speed Type, Recharge Type, Add Comment, Account Contact.
  6. Click Update Account button to save updated information or cancel if needed. Update Account and Cancel buttons are located at the top and bottom of the Update Account page.

For questions or problems, contact