How do I find out how much I've been charged?

1. Log into SRS with your Calnet ID

2. Click on the name of your department. If you don't see it, type the name in the box above 'Organization Name' and click Search.

NOTE: It is usually more effective to just search for keywords.  ie. "Chemistry" or "Cell" or "Mechanical".

3.  All recharges for the department are listed on the "Recharges" tab.  To narrow the list to a specific chartstring, go the "Accounts" tab.  You can search on either tab.  Once you've found the account or recharge that you are looking for, click on the recharge id or account id to view more information.

NOTE: If you want to see a summary by month, select the month and year from the pull-down menu above the listing and click "view recharge summary."