Reminder: Complete lab safety self-inspections

September 14, 2024

Important Reminder for Principal Investigators and Laboratory Safety Coordinators

Complete a self-inspection

Self-inspections are checked for completion during the in-person General Lab Safety Inspections which will be scheduled with your inspector. 

Encountering issues with the self-inspection?

Frequently Asked Questions

After I submit my self-inspection, I cannot view it in the “Inspection Reports” page. How can I view my completed self-inspection?

Make sure you have “Done” selected as a search category in the “Inspection Reports” page.

More about Laboratory Safety Self-inspections

Each year, EH&S initiates and tracks the completion of lab safety self-inspections, which are conducted by principal investigators or their delegates. The topics covered are designed to supplement inspections conducted by EH&S in order to facilitate safety awareness and ownership within the lab.

The self-inspection questionnaire can be viewed prior to initiating the self-inspections: Lab Safety Self-inspection Questions.

Compliance Requirement

Self-inspections are a requirement of the campus Workplace Safety Program and Policy.