Radiological Hazards Awareness Training and RUA SOPs

October 26, 2020

Message for Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) holders and Lab Contacts, October 2020.

Effective immediately, the UC Learning Center will be used to deliver and document: 

  • Training of RUA SOPs and the
  • Radiological Hazards Awareness Training for Non-Users.  

Instructions for how users can access the SOP and non-user training are below.  Radiation Safety staff will work with you during your next survey to update the LMS for those users who have already signed off on SOP training or have completed their non-user training.

Instructions for accessing RUA SOPs

  • Log into the UC Learning Center and enter your RUA number in the search bar.  This will return a list of the SOPs authorized by your RUA.  
  • Review SOPs to be used for laboratory specific training. RUA personnel will need to review each SOP they plan to use as part of their laboratory specific training.  
  • Submitting review verification. After reviewing the SOP, be sure to click on the “complete” button after submitting verification that the SOP has been reviewed to ensure that your SOP review is properly documented in the UC Learning Center.
  • Please notify us if any of your SOPs are missing or not up to date.  We can work with you as needed to limit access to your SOPs if they contain any novel research that you do not wish to appear in unrestricted UC Learning Center searches.

Instructions for accessing Radiological Hazards Awareness Training for Non-Users (EHS 404)

  • Log into the UC Learning Center and enter “EHS 404” in the search bar.  
  • This training is completed in two steps.  
    • Step one will open a new window with the materials to be reviewed.  
    • Step two documents that a user has reviewed the materials.  
  • Be sure to click on the “Close the Presentation” button to ensure that the training is properly documented in the UC Learning Center. 

Please direct any questions or feedback about this process to