Important lab coat reminders

December 7, 2023

EH&S needs your extra lab coats!

When researchers leave the lab or the university, many lab coats are left behind and remain unused. This occupies valuable space and prevents EH&S from reissuing coats.

1. Return Surplus Lab Coats.

To sustain our campus-funded lab coat program, please return any surplus coats by following the instructions.

2. New lab coat laundry process

EH&S launched a new lab coat laundry process earlier this semester. Please follow these steps if your lab coat is in need of laundering.

3. Remove outdated laundry signage.

Please remember to remove outdated laundry signage (see below) in or around your labs if you haven’t done so already. EH&S has been decommissioning old laundry locations and appreciates your support on the ground.