Laboratory Operations & Safety Committee

Summary of Charges

The campus Laboratory Operations & Safety Committee (LO&SC) formulates, and recommends to the Vice Chancellor for Research, campus policy on research and instructional activities to help ensure compliance with applicable regulations and adoption of appropriate best practices regarding the safety and potential environmental impact of activities conducted in campus laboratories and in field research. Technical areas covered include chemical safety, management of hazardous wastes and unwanted hazardous materials, chemical effluents, hazardous materials management and shipping, and electrical and other hazards not covered by other campus research oversight committees.

LO&SC provides input and guidance to the Office of Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) and other units regarding development and of appropriate and effective standard practices and campus expectations. Guidance is provided to programs such as: the Chemical Hygiene Plan Program, the Chemical Inventory Program, the Hazardous Waste Management Program, campus Drain Disposal Guidelines, the Toxic Gas Program, the Hazardous Materials Shipping Program, laboratory inspection and self-assessment programs, the Strawberry Creek Management Program and other safety and environmental programs as they apply to field work and campus research and teaching activities. Reviews safety and compliance training materials intended for student or faculty audiences.

LO&SC is staffed and supported by EH&S, and typically meets three times a year. The Chair of the LO&SC sits on the campus Research Compliance Advisory Committee (RCAC), which is chaired by the VC-Research.

Contact List for Laboratory Operations & Safety Committee
Chair: Irfan Siddiqi, Professor of Physics, 642-5620,
EH&S Coordinator-Member: Brandon DeFrancisci, Associate Director, EH&S, 643-6394,
Administrative Support: Contact EH&S at 642-3073