I'm a Principal Investigator (PI)

  1. Complete the LHAT (Laboratory Hazardous Assessment Tool) <20-30 minutes>

    • Log in to complete the Laboratory Hazard Assessment or assign a delegate who will do the assessment for you.
    • Answer the series of yes/no questions that make up the hazard assessment.
    • Certify the LHAT is complete.
  2. Complete the PPE training video and quiz <15 minutes>
    • Watch the 6-minute PPE video and take the 10 question quiz.
    • Print out your PPE voucher.
  3. Get fitted for your PPE <10 minutes>
    • Make an appointment to be fitted for your PPE.
    • Bring your voucher to your fitting session.
  4. Ensure all your lab members go through the LHAT process
    • This includes but is not limited to post docs, visiting scholars, undergrads, rotation students and volunteers.