I'm a Delegate

  1. Complete the Laboratory Hazardous Assessment Tool (LHAT) <20-30 minutes>

    • Your PI must log on to LHAT to assign you as a delegate.
    • You answer a series of yes/no quesitons that are grouped by hazards (chemical, biological, physical, etc.).
    • Your PI certifies the LHAT is complete.
  2. Complete the PPE training video and quiz
    • Watch the 6-minute PPE video and take the 10 question quiz.
    • Print out your voucher at the end of the LHAT process.
    • Ensure that every person working in your lab has reviewed your lab's hazard assessment, completed the training video and quiz, and been fitted for their PPE.
  3. Get fitted for you PPE <10 minutes>
    • Make an appointment to be fitted for your PPE.
    • Bring your PPE voucher to your fitting session.


LHAT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)