How do I deal with an emergency/accident?

Emergency Phone Numbers

Life Threatening Emergency



Non-Life Threatening Emergency

Hazardous Material Spill



(510) 642-3333 from mobile


(510) 642-6760

EH&S (510) 642-3073

UCPD Dispatch 911


Serious Injuries or Incidents

  • Attend to injured or contaminated  persons.
  • Alert people in imediate area to evacuate if necessary.
  • Call campus police at 911 or (510) 642-3333.
  • Allow knowledgeable persons to assist as  directed by emergency personnel

Spills and Exposure

Fire - Small

  • Alert the people in the area.
  • Activate the fire alarm.
  • Avoid smoke and flames.
  • Use a fire extinguisher only if you have been trained and only if you feel safe to do so.
  • From a safe location, call Fire Emergency Response at 911 or (510) 642-3333.

Fire - Large

  • Alert the people in the area to evacuate.
  • Close door to confine the fire.
  • Activate the fire alarm and evacuate the building.
  • From a safe location, call Fire Emergency Response at 911 or (510) 642-3333.

Urgent Care for Non-Life-Threatening Workplace Injuries

UC Berkeley Employees
   University Health Services
   (510) 642-3188
   Tang Center, 2222 Bancroft Way

LBNL Employees
   LBNL Health Services
   (510) 486-6266
   Building 26

HHMI Employees
   US Healthworks Medical Group
   (510) 845-5170
   2850 7th St., Suite 100, Berkeley
   (between Heinz Avenue and Grayson Street, West Berkeley)

Note: For employees with joint appointment, the employer for whom work was being done, at the time the injury occurred, determines which urgent care facility to choose.