Hazard Communication

The EH&S Hazard Communication program seeks to help campus departments fulfill the requirements of Cal/OSHA Section 5194, also known as the "Employee Right-to-Know" law. The law requires employers to provide information on physical and health hazards of the materials employees use or come into contact with as part of their work. There are three basic components of the Hazard Communication standard: 

  • Adequate labeling of all hazardous substances in the workplace
  • Providing information such as Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for each hazardous chemical in the department
  • Training employees on the chemical hazards of their workplace

Each laboratory using hazardous materials needs to have a completed Chemical Hygiene Plan signed by each laboratory
employee in order to meet Hazard Communication requirements.

Shops and other production or service areas using hazardous materials need to have a completed "Hazard Communication"
signed by each employee using the facility to assist in meeting the training requirements.