Drain Disposal Restrictions

Did you spill a chemical down a sink or floor drain?

Immediately notify the Office of Environment, Health & Safety (510) 642-3073 during business hours 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. After business hours, immediately notify the UC Police Department (510) 642-6760 and ask them to contact the EH&S off-hours emergency responder.

How do I know if I can pour something down the drain?

To see what you can drain dispose, please read the Drain Disposal Restrictions of Chemicals.

What if my waste can’t be drain disposed?

You can follow the procedure in the Treatment of Laboratory Waste (Benchtop) Fact Sheet to reduce the hazard or volume of your waste in order to meet the criteria for drain disposal. If waste is still does not meet Drain Disposal Restrictions, it must be disposed of through the Hazardous Waste Program.

Who can I contact for further assistance?

If you need additional help after reading the guidelines, contact Environmental Protection at ehs-ep@berkeley.edu.

Other Resources:

Drain Disposal Restrictions of Chemicals (PDF)

Fact Sheet: Drain Disposal Restrictions for Chemicals (PDF)

Fact Sheet: Treatment of Laboratory Waste (Benchtop) (PDF)

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