Lab Equipment Decontamination Protocol

  1. Departments must identify equipment desired for release by creating a list for Equipment Management (contact:
  2. Department equipment listings must provide a BETS #, Serial #, building and room number of the equipment intended for release. Departments must also include: equipment history, associated chemical use, biological use or radiation use authorizations - where applicable.
  3. Verify and update equipment building, room and description to match BETS records.
  • Departments must provide a complete list to Equipment Management.
  1. Ensure the correct room numbers, location descriptions, equipment type, model numbers, serial numbers are accurate.
  1. Departments have three options for releasing unwanted equipment:
  1. Give away or sharing with other labs, colleagues, departments – may require updating licenses or authorizations.
  2. Releasing to Surplus for resale – requires decontamination by lab/researcher or EH&S selected contractor.
  3. Disposal and/or recycling – hazardous waste or decontamination charges may apply.

Each of these options will require documentation with the EH&S' Facilities/Equipment Decontamination Clearance Certification.

  1. EH&S must evaluate all equipment for potential hazards, chemical residues and proper decontamination needs.  EH&S must also identify if chemical use/history, BUAs or RUAs are applicable.
  2. If selected equipment is intended for resale or disposal, any associated licenses/authorizations and asset numbers should be properly closed (BETS, RUAs, BUAs, LUAs, etc.). Lab and shop equipment must be cleared and labeled by EH&S before it can be released from campus.
  3. Equipment Management verifies clearance of the listed items with Surplus, Moving Services, EH&S and department representatives prior to final removal.
  4. Surplus is not allowed to pick-up or collect lab equipment that does not have the EH&S certification form and decontamination labels attached to the equipment.  See example below:


Examples of Lab Equipment Requiring Decontamination Certification by EH&S