Biological Spill Kits

EH&S will provide one biological spill kit to each lab with an approved Biological Use Authorization (BUA). This kit contains the supplies needed to safely clean up small spills of biological materials. To clean up a spill properly:

Please contact Chips Hoai ( if you have any questions or comments about biological spill kits.

How do I get a spill kit for my lab?

Labs without a spill kit will receive one during their next biosafety inspection.

How do I restock a used spill kit?

Biological spills must be reported to the campus Biosafety Officer ( within eight working hours. After cleaning up and reporting a spill, labs may ask EH&S to replenish consumable items used from their spill kit (e.g., gloves and paper towels).

How do I get an extra spill kit or additional supplies?

EH&S provides one basic spill kit per lab. Labs are welcome to assemble their own extra kits or supplement the kit they receive from EH&S with additional items. Labs are responsible for replenishing bleach in the kit once it has expired. Please keep track of the expiration date for your bleach.


Biological Spill Cleanup Training Video

Biological Spill Cleanup Instructions