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Radiation Use Authorization Application

Office of Environment, Health & Safety
Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) Application Form

The use of radioactive materials or radiation producing machines (RPMs) at UC Berkeley must occur under an approved Radiation Use Authorization (RUA).

Exploding Cylinder in Garbage

July 31, 2007
What Happened?

On April 11, 2007, an employee of Campus Recycling and Refuse Services was alarmed when a suspected compressed gas cylinder ruptured in the rear hopper of a garbage truck. The employee was standing at the rear of the truck and had activated the blade that sweeps the garbage from the hopper into the body of the truck for further compaction. The pressurized gas cylinder was believed to be concealed inside a plastic trash bag. The sweeping action of the blade ruptured the cylinder and the residual contents sprayed into the employee’s face.

A cylinder in a garbage truck...