Lab Safety

Providing support, in the form of risk assessment, review, consultation(link sends e-mail), training, and the necessary resources and guidance for research at UC Berkeley.

Department Safety Coordinators

Department Safety Coordinators (DSCs) are a vital part of the campus safety structure, coordinating, implementing, and documenting safety practices in departments across campus.

Drain Disposal Restrictions for Chemicals

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

Disposal of chemicals into the sanitary sewer is regulated by federal and state laws and regulations, by the local East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) Wastewater Control Ordinance and by the EBMUD Wastewater Discharge Permit issued to the campus. These laws and regulations prohibit any drain disposal of hazardous wastes and limit the allowable wastewater concentration of a number of specific substances. The University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) is committed to protection of the local community and the environment through strict compliance with these laws and regulations...

Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQ) Project

The California Fire Code establishes requirements for Maximum Allowable Quantities (MAQ) of hazardous materials, which ensures amounts used and stored within buildings do not pose fire and life risks. Following the management of hazardous chemicals guidelines issued by the University of California Office of President in 2023, EH&S is implementing the directives outlined in...

Biological Safety

Providing support, in the form of risk assessment, review, consultation and training, for research at UC Berkeley that involves the use of recombinant DNA, biohazardous materials and biological toxins.

Biosafety How Do I: collapse all...

Dispose of Waste

Master list of waste types is displayed below. Note: If you cannot find the item that you are trying to get rid of in this list, please contact EH&S at or (510) 642-3073. collapse all expand all Aerosol Cans

Please log into the...

Chemical Hygiene Plan: Additional Training Documentation Page

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

By law, laboratory personnel must be trained on the contents of the Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP). This training must be documented on the CHP Flipchart before starting work in the laboratory. Whenever the CHP is revised, training must be provided on the changes and documented on the CHP Flipchart.

If space runs out on the training documentation page of the original CHP, please print out this page, attach it to the CHP, and continue documenting training.

Power Failures

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

Power Outages: Preparation and Response

This Fact Sheet includes:

General Power Outage information for the UC Berkeley Campus Best Practices for Advanced Preparation Before a Power Outage What to do During a...

Lab Self-Inspection Checklist

Office of Environment, Health & Safety

Reviewing the EH&S lab self-inspection checklist is a good way to prepare for inspections. The department safety coordinator for each department or an EH&S lab safety specialist will reach out to each lab to schedule an inspection time.

Contact the campus chemical hygiene officer at (510) 643-6381 or with any questions or concerns about the EH&S General Lab Safety Inspection Program.

Alan Bolind

Lab Safety Specialist
Lab Safety
EH&S Inspections

Megan Hall

Lead, UC Chemical Management Safety (Deputy Fire Marshal)
Fire Prevention
Hazardous Materials
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