Dry Ice Training

For Initial Requests

Researchers and staff who need to perform frequent shipping (at least quarterly) can receive training on how to ship non-hazardous materials with dry ice. You can complete training by logging into the UC Learning Center and following these steps:

  1. Complete two courses:
  1. After completion, send EH&S hazmat-shipping@berkeley.edu the following:
  • Your Employee ID
  • UC address (room, building, mail code, and PI/Lab name)
  • Include the number of shipments you expect to do on an annual basis.
  1. EH&S will assign a certification number and shipment stickers that will be used to certify each package. EH&S provides both the shipment stickers and necessary dry ice labels. These can be sent by campus mail or picked up at the EH&S front office (University Hall 317).


EH&S Certification Stickers