UC Berkeley’s COVID-19 Health and Safety Guide for Contractors

Face Coverings: For the latest guidance, visit UC Berkeley's Face Coverings web page.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Contractors

Contractors working at UC Berkeley should understand campus policies and guidelines for COVID-19, which reflect current guidance issued by Cal/OSHA, the City of Berkeley Public Health, and the California Dept. of Public Health.

Information on COVID-19 for UC Berkeley is available at the following sites:

Who Is a Contractor?

For purposes of this guidance, a contractor includes:

  • General contractors in construction on large and small projects
  • Subcontractors working for the general contractor
  • Non-construction contractors hired by campus departments for various jobs and projects within their departments

Construction Project Contractors

Large Construction Projects

Large construction projects that maintain site access control via fencing and check-in procedures for visitors need only follow Cal/OSHA Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS), regulations for COVID-19 controls on their worksite. Large construction sites feature one general contractor and multiple subcontractors typically working on building erection. COVID-19 Prevention Programs/Plans, training, symptom screening, masking, and vaccination documentation are the responsibility of the general contractor and subcontractors for their employees.

Small Construction Projects

Small construction projects typically include tenant/space improvements, and infrastructure/utility improvements such as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work inside existing buildings or outdoors on campus grounds. Because these projects may occur in close proximity to UC employees, these contractors should follow the guidelines presented here, in addition to the Cal/OSHA ETS, and any company-based COVID-19 procedures.

Non-Construction Contractors

These contractors include consultants, vendors, and installers on projects that are not considered construction. They may be hired to support department work, provide goods and services, or install/repair equipment. These contractors should follow the COVID-19 guidance presented here, in addition to any other guidance issued by their company.

All contractors should report COVID-19 positive cases to the University in a timely manner. Per the Cal/OSHA ETS, the campus must report positive cases to the campus community within 1-day of knowledge through our Workplace Exposure Dashboard.

Contact ehs@berkeley.edu, or University Health Services at (510) 332-7192 to report a positive COVID-19 case. Confidentiality and privacy is strictly maintained.

When coming to campus, contractors shall:

  1. Complete the Daily Symptom Screener each day they come to campus, unless they work on a construction project that has its own screening program established by the general contractor or subcontractor.

  2. Be prepared to present the Symptom Screener Certificate to building security or other campus authorities upon request.

  3. Follow current campus guidance for face coverings.

Vaccination Status

Per the Cal/OSHA ETS, employers must document the vaccination status of their employees. UC Berkeley documents the vaccination status for all its employees. Contractors are also required to have their vaccination status documented by their employer, and may be requested to document their vaccination status with the University. In the absence of documented vaccination status, an individual is considered unvaccinated.

The campus has issued a vaccine mandate for employees and students, effective August 4, 2021. Contractors are advised to get vaccinated as well.

Additional Considerations

In the event of a COVID-19 outbreak involving 3 or more positive cases in the workplace, face coverings will be mandated for the exposed group which may include contractors. Immediate COVID-19 testing is highly recommended for the exposed group, followed by weekly testing until no new cases are identified. Additional preventive measures may be instituted, including physical distancing, barriers, and other measures.

Contractor guidance may change if the City of Berkeley Public Health Officer, or campus health authorities issue new health orders. Thank you for doing your part to keep the community safe and healthy.

For additional information or questions, contact ehs@berkeley.edu.

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