Encounters with Dangerous Animals and Plants


This workshop at UCLA includes a review of common species of venomous and poisonous animals and plants found in the Western United States and covers basic first aid, precautions, necessary field equipment and site preparation (i.e.: PPE, first aid kits, safe animal handling equipment, etc.) as well as communication and transportation considerations. Please note that we don't encourage handling animals in the wild!

Speaker: James McCabe, ZooToxins

James has been involved in biomedical research for 40 years managing preclinical studies for Genentech, Amgen, Jackson Laboratories and UCLA. Currently he is the CEO and owner of ZooToxins, LLC, which extracts and processes venom from a wide variety of vertebrates and invertebrates for biomedical research and the production of canine and equine rattlesnake vaccines.

James McCabe
Publication date: 
May 12, 2023
Publication type: 
Training Resource

Field Safety Considerations: Encounters with Dangerous Animals & Plants