AQI‐Based Decision‐Making Matrix for Wildfire Smoke Events


Making AQI-Based Decisions

University of California AQI‐Based Decision‐Making Matrix for Wildfire Smoke Events (Version 1.1)

The matrix is designed to help UC campus leaders have a consistent approach to decision-making when wildfire smoke conditions result in worsening, unhealthy air quality. It does not apply if there is a direct threat of wildfire and/or other significant hazard to the location, or for smog‐related air quality conditions.

Monitoring Air Quality

UC Berkeley has installed sensors at five major buildings across campus to monitor air quality conditions. The Campus Air Quality Map, the EPA AirNow "Current Air Quality" tool, BAAQMD forecasts, and the AirNOW Fire & Smoke map are used to monitor conditions and make decisions. During wildfire smoke events, EH&S leadership evaluates these resources and advises the Campus Crisis Management Team on air quality conditions that may impact campus operations and events.

University of California
Systemwide Air Quality Protocol Working Group
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October 30, 2019
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