Wildfire Smoke Information for Supervisors

September 20, 2023

Please share this information with supervisors in your department of outdoor workers:

Wildfire Smoke

As of this morning, the campus air quality index has exceeded 100 for a sustained period of time and we continue to be impacted by smoke from wildfires in Northern California and Oregon. Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) advises the following actions in response to unhealthy air quality:

  1. Advise your employees who work outside or in non-filtered buildings and/or vehicles for more than one hour per shift to:
    1. Complete Cal/OSHA mandated EHS 704 Wildfire Smoke Protection and N95 Respirator Training, a 15-minute training available via the UC Learning Center.
    2. Alternatively, you may lead a supervisor-led training session and document participation (See training materials and instructions)
  2. Use the UC’s AQI Decision-making Matrix to guide operational decisions
  3. If possible, adjust duties to reduce employees’ time spent outside and strenuous work tasks
  4. When the Current Air Quality Index (AQI) reaches an unhealthy level over 150, all employees working outdoors must be offered tight-fitting N95 respirators. Cloth masks and other face coverings DO NOT provide protection from fine particulates in smoke. 
    1. If possible, provide N95s from your departmental stocks; or  
    2. You may pick up two N95s per employee who might be required to work outdoors from the campus Hazardous Materials Facility.  
      1. For location, hours, and updates, see Distribution Schedule.
      2. Email ppe@berkeley.edu to coordinate bulk requests.