Field Safety Reminders for the Spring/Summer

April 16, 2024

Following these simple steps supports safe and successful research.

Five reminders for the Spring/Summer fieldwork & travel season

  1. Register all University travel >100 miles via UC Away (Calnet login required) for travel insurance documentation, 24/7 travel assistance, and a destination-specific trip brief. 

  2. For international travel, review the US Department of State (DOS) Travel Advisory for your destination(s). Travel to State Department Level 4 / 'Do Not Travel' destinations requires further campus review beyond your department. See International Travel Guidance, Protocol, & Approval Processes for more information.

  3. Outdoor workers and researchers should complete online Heat Illness Prevention (EHS 702) and Wildfire Smoke Protection (EHS 704) training for compliance with Cal/OSHA, available via the UC Learning Center. Additional optional training such as weather forecasting, off road driving, safe & inclusive fieldwork, preventing harassment, and mental health in the field is available via the UC Field Safety Leadership Training Library

  4. Create a written field safety plan to review with all participants and carry with you. A template is available on the EH&S Field Safety Program webpage.

  5. Review your plans and discuss safety concerns and precautions in advance of travel with your supervisor or advisor. Maintain a check-in plan and a campus contact to be able to discuss new or emerging concerns during travel and make informed decisions together.

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