Coming Soon: New BUA Process

December 12, 2023

Information for Biological Use Authorization (BUA) holders

We are modernizing the Biological Use Authorization (BUA) submission process by moving to the online UC Risk & Safety Solutions software system (“RSS BUA”).

RSS BUA improves the BUA submission process

  • Easily add or remove information – for amendments or renewals. 
  • Easily address reviewer comments and questions found within the application.

What to expect

  • The biosafety team will transfer data from your BUA document into RSS BUA.
  • PIs will then need to fill in gaps, answer questions, and ensure accuracy.
  • Additional information about virtual demos, step-by-step instructions, and training resources will become available in February 2024.

Do you need to amend your BUA? Do you want to get started early? Have questions or concerns?