Approaching Soon: Annual General Lab Safety Inspections

February 22, 2024

Annual General Lab Safety Inspections will begin soon.

Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) lab safety specialists are in the process of scheduling an in-person inspections for labs.

How to prepare?

  • The inspection checklist has expanded to include additional safety considerations.
  • Complete a self-inspection if you have not already done so. Self-inspections are required at least once per year, and will be checked for completion at the time of your inspection.
    • Review the Self-Inspection web page for detailed instructions on how to complete this self-directed evaluation of your lab spaces.

Additional Reminders

  • EH&S has launched a new lab coat laundry process. Please fill out the Lab Coat Request Form to request a clean lab coat. For additional instructions, please refer to our PPE resources or email
  • Don't forget to dispose of all unwanted hazardous waste. Your timely waste disposal efforts help us maintain our commitment to effective hazardous waste management. For more information on how to dispose of waste, visit the Waste Disposal web page.