Forklift and Industrial Work Truck Safety Program


Forklift Safety Program

This program guides all aspects of the Forklift and Industrial Lift Truck Safety Program for the University of California at Berkeley. As mandated by Cal/OSHA and other regulatory compliance codes, this program guides compliance with, and application of, all legal requirements for UC Berkeley departments, field stations, and work/research operations that use these types of equipment.

Departments that own, lease, rent, and/or otherwise operate forklifts and other types of industrial lift trucks must:

  1. Select and then purchase, lease or rent appropriate equipment for job tasks based upon a work-environment and job-task hazard analysis,
  2. Train and license personnel who operate the specific type(s) of owned/rented equipment,
  3. Conduct documented safety inspections and preventive maintenance of the equipment,
  4. Assure operators adhere to specific safe-work practices whenever using these types of powered industrial equipment, and
  5. Approve contractors/vendors to use forklifts and industrial lift equipment on their premises, and only allow properly licensed contractor/vendor personnel to use Department-owned equipment.
Office of Environment, Health & Safety
Publication date: 
November 16, 2021
Publication type: 
Program Document