Chemical Exposures

What to do if Chemical Exposure occurs:

  • Remove victim from source of exposure.
  • If the injury is serious or it is not safe to remove the victim, call 911.
  • If there has been skin or eye contact, immediately flush skin or eyes with water using an emergency shower or eyewash if available. Continue flushing for 15 minutes or until medical help arrives.
  • Remove contaminated clothing from the victim.
  • Follow other emergency procedures as spelled out in the Safety Data Sheet (SDS).
  • If the injury is not serious, take the victim to the Tang Center Urgent Care Clinic (510) 642-3188. If possible, send along the SDS. If the Tang Center is closed and medical attention is needed, go to the Alta Bates Hospital emergency room at 2450 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley.
  • Notify EH&S immediately of any serious injury or hospitalization in order to fulfill Cal/OSHA notification requirements.

Visit the Chemical Safety web page to learn more.