Environmental Protection Team

Associate Director: Greg Haet

Environmental Protection

The Environmental Protection (EP) team’s mission is to protect and enhance the campus environment.  In addition, this team oversees compliance programs for air quality, surface and groundwater, wastewater, underground tanks, property assessment and remediation.  Team members are also leading efforts in campus sustainability, greenhouse gas emission reduction, and watershed restoration.

Members: Alicia Bihler, Bernadette Santos, Tim Pine, David Scrimger

Hazardous Materials

The Hazardous Materials (HMM) team is responsible for hazardous waste management , including the pick-up and disposal of medical, chemical, radioactive, mixed waste and controlled substances.  This team also coordinates the campus chemical reuse program and the hazardous materials shipping program.

Members:  Julio Castellanos, Andrew Fletcher, Phil Hayes, Jason Hipolito, Andy Ng, Almir Sanchez